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  • SubGenre:Business Communication / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:130
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543944488

Course Correction Leadership

Identify and Engage the Collective Leadership in Your Organization

by Ronald K. Wilde and Phillip M. Messina

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Historically, course corrections were about avoiding danger. While still important, today course corrections are more about seizing opportunities. With the explosion of technology and information in today's world, success is defined in terms of how an organization responds to new opportunities. We believe that tapping into the collective talent of its employees is the best way to build and position an organization to survive and thrive. The purpose of Collective Leadership Influence is to engage the entire organization and provide opportunities for employees to work together in new ways. With everyone's involvement, organizations can more readily avoid dangers while seizing opportunities. This book describes Collective Leadership; how it works and how it can benefit organizations. We could have used "Collective Leadership" for the title, but instead decided on "Course Correction Leadership" because we wanted to do two things: (1) describe what we believe to be the most significant challenges facing today's organizations, and (2) be more descriptive of how a certain type of leadership can help organizations meet these challenges by avoiding disasters and by seizing opportunities.
This book introduces concepts about how Collective Leadership Influence can help in navigating your organization on its journey. We assume that unlike Yogi Berra's statement: "If you don't know where you're going, you'll wind up somewhere else." know where your organization is going. But it may be less clear that everyone is on board with the direction. Do you know where and how your team can assist on that journey, and how the culture of your organization can aid in your success? Our goal is to help you and your organization anticipate and collectively make the needed course corrections along the way. Course Correction Leadership (CCL) is about ensuring that everyone has a hand in guiding the "ship" to its destination. It is about the constant small course corrections that keep an organization on track. And again, history is full of events and tragedies that perhaps could have been avoided if only the individuals, the teams, and the culture were able to harness the collective knowledge, wisdom, and creativity latent in every organization
About the author
Ronald (Kim) Wilde, an ICMA Credentialed Manager, has served as an Assistant or City Manager for over thirty-five years in eight cities in six different States. He currently is the City Administrator for Jonestown, Texas. His longest tenures and most significant accomplishments were in Snoqualmie, Washington (12 years) and Waunakee, Wisconsin (8 years) where he won several awards. Ron is the author/coauthor of several articles in Public Management Magazine, including the two most recent: "Launching a Collective Leadership Expedition" (May, 2018); "Developing a Collective Leadership Philosophy" (June, 2017); Ron has been a speaker and produced a webinar for ICMA. Ron has a Master's Degree in Public Administration and has also worked as a Management Consultant, Governance Advisor in Iraq, and for FEMA as a Community Recovery Manager.