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Book details
  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Motivational & Inspirational
  • Language:English
  • Pages:190
  • Paperback ISBN:9780692986608

Consider This My Mixtape

by Janelle Carothers

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Alluringly intelligent and edgy savior-faire book that transports the reader on an inward exploration of work ethic, discipline, hustle and heart. It’s a straight shot (no chaser), peek into Janelle’s creative, and technical processes. She undresses her passion for grandeur garb, grace...and grounded-ness. A strikingly personal scrapbook-style career perspective that's easy to swallow and impossible to put down. 


Through a maze of style, fashion, features, and insightful quotes, Janelle takes you on a showroom-type excursion, offering concise professional tips and the lesser known stuff she's experienced along the way. A dope “HOW TO.” Unapologetic. Inspiring. Up lifting. A book for the dreamers, the movers, the shakers, anxiety-ridden, night owls, quick learners, creatives, earnestly desirous, committed, liberal, eager, dedicated, fair, ambitious, patient, impatient, impulsive, sleepless, indecisive, players, crush a lot’ers, OCD’ers, ADHD’ers, the delirious and the do-gooders. It’s for those who want IT so bad they can taste it, those that are in too deep to turn around. This book is for folks who need to hear from someone next to them in the trenches. This book isn't just a read. It’s to be experienced. It's a discussion at brunch, an experience with music, possibly a cocktail. It's by your bedside. It's on your coffee table. This book is to the bad asses who dare to sweep at an unconventional game.

About the author

Seriously! You just have to take my word for it. I started to write a bio but it started to sound a little corny ... and I don’t do corny. I’ve got some shit to say and thank God while saying it I didn’t loose my train of thought and was able to write it down. Nailed it. Mission accomplished. 

Book Reviews

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This book is the real BLuE Print!!!!! This book is a true blueprint of how to jump into your dreams and survive the obstacles you will encounter getting there. Not only did I take away from it a plan to reach my dreams but personal input from women entrepreneurs who have been there and done that ! Janelle tells it like it is and gives you the grit and grime but also hope and confidence to get keep fighting for your dreams! Read more
Janelle is the “Iyanla Fix My Life” 5.0 Honestly I am ashamed to admit that I haven’t read a book in awhile due to all the stuff you wrote in your intro... I am HER... The dreamer, impatient, ADHA’er, sleepless, impulsive and all the other things u listed .... but I couldn’t stop reading your book. While reading this “experience” girllllll u got me tearing up AGAIN and looking at myself differently 😢🤦🏽‍♀️😍 Thank You for this book! You are going to change some lives (like seriously) 😘 And shout out to Lisa for speaking life into me with that FORWARD that she wrote!!! Bravo Janelle BRAVO!!!! Read more