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  • SubGenre:New Thought
  • Language:English
  • Pages:332
  • eBook ISBN:9781623094089

Consensus Society

A Unomic Civilization

by Win Treadway, Ph.D.

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Our newly evolving civilization is inevitably emerging as a local and global Consensus Society in which we all participate. One of the major societal trends of the 21st century is decentralization which shifts more influence from the old centralized institutional paradigms and structures influenced and manifested by the few toward the empowerment of sovereign individuals and a decentralized Consensus Society manifested by the many that will benefit the many. Simultaneous with the trend of increased empowerment of the individual is another trend toward unity consciousness as our local and global society of individuals align into a consensus about what it means to pursue happiness as humans that have the same basic human values. It is a natural progression of human evolution and the reason why we are all drawn to one degree or another toward the development of a Consensus Society that will benefit ourselves, others and our environment through natural law principles of enlightened self interest.
Unomics, or unified economics, is one of the main beneficial manifestations of a Consensus Society taking us from scarcity to abundance. The development of Unomics in a Consensus Society will also allow for a greater expression of individual service, self actualization and self realization. This will manifest in the form of naturally occurring individual talents, gifts and skills that will help to bring individual fulfillment and the more enlightened social order of the future. In a Consensus Society abundance and will dominate and scarcity will retreat as a growing unity consciousness opens our awareness to the unlimited abundance of nature. The growth of Unity consciousness in a Consensus Society will help to dispel the illusions of conflict and limitations representing the old paradigms of misguided belief systems that will be replaced with knowledge of the reality of living in unity with nature. A Consensus Society is not a utopia or a perfect society, but it is bringing us to the next step of our societal evolution. A Consensus Society will bring amazing prosperity, increased happiness, freedom, more unity consciousness and additional opportunity for the fulfillment of our human evolution.
About the author
For the past thirty five years Win Treadway has taught, lectured and published in the field of higher consciousness and traditional medicine.  He holds an accredited doctorate in Vedic Science from the Union Institute and a Doctorate of Ayurved from Sind Ayurved.  Win has researched, developed, and published educational courses, books, and articles. He has created, revitalized, and developed many traditional and contemporary methods, products and equipment related to his fields of study.  His current working inspiration stems from a determined desire to share and restore the benefits of the traditional knowledge of higher consciousness, medicine and societal progression.