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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Comparative Religion
  • Language:English
  • Pages:352
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098307813

Christianity in Crisis

An Atheist Challenges the Authenticity of the Christian Understanding of ...

by The Last Spiritual Samurai

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Representing a revolutionary approach to the study of Jesus, the history that produced him & his significance to America & Americans today, this work argues that the Jesus of Christianity IS NOT THE REAL Jesus AT ALL. When understood contextually, Jesus is revealed as offering a timeless message, representing an issue & its resolution that has plagued humanity as a whole, from the individual to all humanity. What is discovered is that Jesus' message actually was NOT A RELIGIOUS MESSAGE, BUT OFFERED IN A RELIGIOUSLY ORIENTED ENVIRONMENT. Remove the religion, Jesus becomes universally & globally significant. Addressing the one area of human prolonged failure, relationships, Jesus offers the ONLY solution that both history dictates we need, arguing for a degree of maturity & commitment to integration not yet a true human standard, but one desperately needed, as the news gives witness to daily. Today, Jewish history, interpreted as a religious narrative or one revealing a sociologically significant evolution, BOTH offer a social value in Jesus & the particular message he had to offer... in regards to the one area separating humanity from God & EACH OTHER. The values chosen to be employed in interpersonal relationships. Hence, an ATHEIST DEFENDS THAT HISTORY, WHETHER RELIGIOUSLY INTERPRETED OR AS A SOCIOLOGICAL PHENOMENA, AS IMPORTANT TO ALL HUMANITY, FROM ATHEIST TO HINDU, TO MUSLIM, TO JEW, TO CHRISTIAN, TO AGNOSTIC, OR ANY OTHER HUMAN DEFINING SOCIAL SYSTEM. Further, the analysis is then applied to America & 4 words that demanded the integration of the REAL Jesus into human history... "ALL... ARE CREATED EQUAL". Contextually we discover that America is placed in the very same quality of social position as Israel was at the time of Jesus... & that when understood for the TRUE message Jesus had to bear, America DEMANDED the values to guide the human heart & therefore behavior that Jesus offered the Jews. But America is failing... as we discover.
The book unites human history into a cognitively available history, rationally accessible & sharing the same value for religious & non-religious alike. Jewish history is revealed as HUMAN HISTORY & OUR NATURAL MORAL PROGRESSION. Offering a universal value system that EVERY family employs to some degree, Jesus merely challenges us to our full humanity... a humanity ONLY revealed in our engagement of one another. Hence, at at time when EVERY reason for disunity & apathy & anger are warranted, Jesus offers respite, in a new understanding of opportunity & moral obligation, to be human. Realized in healthy, morally significant interpersonal relationships. Where it all started... & where it all must end.
About the author
Formerly a member of Korean religious leader Sun Myung Moon's Unification Church, married in a 30,000 member ceremony, he now resides in the heart of the nation. His religious journey led him to his unique posture today, as both an ardent defender of BOTH Jesus & Moon, AS AN ATHEIST, but also defending a rational engagement & understanding of God. This gleaned from a novel approach in researching his religious roots, linked to Jesus. In time, though his religious association accepts the idea of 'continuing revelation', a pattern unnoticed before in Jewish history led to his finding a less than enthusiastic audience in his religious associations, because HE was the source of new insights relevant to the message of BOTH Moon & Jesus. Today, this manuscript is his Declaration of Independence on the one hand & his ardent & rational defense of Jesus (& Moon in that tradition) both to theist, BUT ALSO TO A LARGER GLOBAL, NON-THEISTIC & NON-RELIGIOUS DESERVING AUDIENCE. Sporting no educational credentials but the effort of four years of prayerful study, this manuscript will one day be recognized as being as revolutionary as Martin Luther's 95 Thesis. As one theologian noted, "it will turn Christianity upside down... but restoring it in the process."