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  • SubGenre:Applied Psychology
  • Language:English
  • Pages:48
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543975857


The Doctor’s Guide to Choice-Driven Psychotherapy

by James Greenstone

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This book is intended for psychotherapy patients. It may also be a good read for those looking for some self-help. Here is allowed the opportunity to examine one's life from different vantage points without abandoning their current point-of-view. Self-awareness is the key to understanding one's problematic behavior, and also is often the biggest barrier to self-understanding. Utilizing this material in the psychotherapy process will allow clients to review what is accomplished during therapy sessions, to examine the principles discussed, and to form questions for future discussions with the therapist. Personal responsibility for one's own actions is stressed throughout along with ways in which to understand and to make decisions about those actions. Nothing happens by accident or is changed or corrected by accident.

The main purpose of the Doctor's Guide is to aid the patient through the process of psychotherapy. It provides the opportunity to explore life from a different vantage point while maintaining their current vantage point. The exploration of life from a different vantage point is an opportunity to see the patient's own world in a way different from the way that they currently see it or are bound by it. There is not a requirement to change vantage points or to do anything differently than that usually done. However, the opportunity is presented to approach current issues from a fresh starting point. Return to the original vantage point that may have brought them into therapy is never blocked and is the choice of the patient at any time. Further, this Guide is to be studied between psychotherapy sessions as well as during the sessions themselves. Questions may present as the Guide is studied that can be explored during therapy sessions. The overall purpose is to enhance the psychotherapy experience by immersing the patient in its basic principles and allowing for consideration on a more global basis thus reducing the amount of actual treatment time and expense. Use this material to enhance yourself. Share it with those close to you and be not discouraged by difficulties encountered within yourself or by those with whom you share this work. This represents a different way of thinking about ourselves within our own world and can be the source of some personal and other discomfort. I don't do therapy; I am therapy.

About the author
Dr. James Lynn Greenstone is a Psychotherapist, Mediator, Arbitrator, Negotiator, Author, Professor, Police Officer, Editor-in-Chief, Military Officer and Police Behavioral Health Specialist. He is well known as a Police Hostage Negotiator and Trainer. Formerly, he served as the Director of Psychological Services for the Fort Worth, Texas Police Department and as the Operational Police Behavioral Health Specialist for the Hostage and Crisis Negotiation Team. Dr. Greenstone served as Director of Behavioral Health Services and a Deputy Constable for the Tarrant County Precinct 4 Constable's Office, and has been a police officer for almost 40 years. Currently, he serves as a Deputy for the Tarrant County Sheriff's Office. Dr. Greenstone is the author of The Elements of Police Hostage and Crisis Negotiations: Critical Incidents and How to Respond to Them, The Haworth Press, Inc., (www.HaworthPress.com), The Elements of Disaster Psychology: Managing Psychosocial Trauma, The Charles C. Thomas, Publishers (http://www.ccthomas.com/), and The Elements of Crisis Intervention, 3 rd Edition, Cengage Publishers. He is the Editor-in-Chief Emeritus of the Journal of Police Crisis Negotiations and served on the governing Council of the Committee on Publication Ethics. Additionally, he is a Diplomate of the Society for Police and Criminal Psychology. His new book, Emotional First Aid: Field Guide to Crisis Intervention and Psychological Survival was published by Whole Person, Publishers, and his newest book On Policing: From Swords Into Plowshares was published in 2018. Recently, Dr. Greenstone was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society of Medicine in London, England. Also, he was a Collaborating Investigator for the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual, Fifth Edition (DSM 5) published by the American Psychiatric Association. Currently, Dr. Greenstone is the Editor-in-Chief of the Journal of Police Emergency Response: International Journal of Hostage Negotiations and Crisis Intervention. Dr. Greenstone has extensive higher education teaching experience, and recently was selected as Professor of the Year at Nova Southeastern University, College of Osteopathic Medicine, Disaster and Emergency Management Program. Dr. Greenstone may be reached at dr.james.greenstone@gmail.com.