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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Science Fiction / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:300
  • eBook ISBN:9781620180693



by Rafael Guerra

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Genetically Modified Foods are highly questionable. The government places little to no restrictions in their development, and most of us have no clue GMOs exist. Unknowingly, we consume genetically modified foods every day. Is our health at risk? Even worst, will our DNA change over time?


San Antonio, TX in the year 2014 the scene is one of devastation, desolation and heartbreak. It is post-apocalypse, where people have lost everything that is human and become flesh-eaters; cannibals willing to tear their prey into shreds in their lust for human flesh. One young woman, healthy and whole, can be seen stalking a flesh-eater. She has a tranquilizer gun in her hand, but before she can shoot, she kicks an empty can. The flesh-eater turns and attacks, biting her as she pulls the trigger. The dart reaches its target, but for Molly, it's too late. Her transformation into one of the infected has begun. The flesh-eater or what used to be one slowly wakes up with a vile stuck to his arm with no recollection of whom he is. The word's American Genetic Systems engraved on it. Putrid, slimy skin slough of his body as he searches the women for clues where he finds a picture of himself. Confused by the find he calls for help. However, in desperation for their next meal flesh-eaters attack him. He runs; only to find there is nowhere to run to. In the wilderness that the city has become, he comes across Alma, fleeing flesh eaters. She takes him to the Alamo, a small farming outpost of the Alamo Dome, where about 150 survivors have formed a small community and struggle to survive as best they can. Introducing himself as Richard, because that is what the woman in the store called him, he tries to unravel the mystery of his past. In 1993, Victor Boutros was a young businessman on the rise. After meeting Molly, a brilliant university student with a passion for erasing world hunger, he sees the potential in bio-engineering. Not that he is interested in world hunger; there is nothing he could care about less. He wants money and power; lots of it. His company, American Genetic Systems, employs Molly and their first invention, TSR Corn, is a success. However, it is not enough. Through blackmail, manipulation, bribery and murder, Victor always gets what he wants. In the end, he has the President of the United States in his back pocket, ready and willing to push through any legislation to eradicate any authority who threatens to thwart Victor's plan to control the world's food supply through Genetically Modified Foods. The novel moves back and forth through time telling the story of how the greed of a man changes the world via its seed modification and a man trying to recall who he is. Will he regret recovering his memory? Is he the reason for the apocalypse?

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