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  • Genre:RELIGION
  • SubGenre:Religious Intolerance, Persecution & Conflict
  • Language:English
  • Pages:160
  • eBook ISBN:9781483536828

Casting off Restraint

The Rise of the Immorals

by D. R. Hinton

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What would life be like without rules or laws?  We are quickly finding out in this generation.  From Genesis to Revelation, mankind has found ways to ease their guilty conscience by ignoring or reasoning away the laws of God.  Since the early 60's, God has been removed from our schools, government and military, and our society is suffering from its effects exponentially.  Many intriguing, thought-provoking concepts will inspire you to examine where with stand in light of eternity.  The conclusion will inspire you to get to know God and His Word better, for eternity's sake.

The book is based on the scripture in Proverbs that says "Without revelation, the people cast off restraint, but happy are those who obey the law." {NAS}


This book covers the history of humanity from the garden of Eden to present day and how humans find a way to ignore the rules of God and society which eventually leads to their demise either physically or spiritually. The author uses personal experience and events of the last half century combined with Biblical application to bring the reader to an awareness of why people act the way they do when it doesn't seem to make sense. Prophecy in the Scriptures forewarn of the danger ahead for those who break the law. The conclusion encourages the reader to take advantage of the availability of the scriptures through print, internet, radio, TV and church attendance to find the answer to life's questions and prepare for future success.

About the author

Deane R. HInton has lived through five decades of declining morals in our country and feels the rise in immorality is greatly escalating these last several years. He wants to make people aware of what danger lies ahead if we continue on this path. Being married for 27+ years to Sherrie, father to three children and 8 foster children, 16 years as a school bus driver and 4 years of substitute teaching in all grade levels of public school has given Deane plenty of exposure to how people react to rules, regulation and discipline. He applies his knowledge of scripture to his vast life experience to bring readers to an understanding of why people act the way they do. He hopes that his writing will help people have a better life now as they prepare for a better future in the hereafter.