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  • SubGenre:Adventurers & Explorers
  • Language:English
  • Pages:310
  • Format:Paperback
  • Paperback ISBN:9781543981698

Call Me Herman

Adventure Of A Country Boy From Decatur Alabama

by Robert French

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Fort Payne Author Bob French, has been writing more than 65 years. Today, he has 12 books edited with 4 published. His published works are: The LAWyer, a humorous book about the small-town practice of law. Beaten, Battered and Damned, The Drano Murder Trial. An inside look at the pro bono defense of Murderess Judith Ann Neelley, the most notorious murder trials in Alabama History. An Adventure with John, is an explanation of the Book of John in the Bible. This book took 20 years research and writing. Call Me Herman, an autobiography about how throughout life the author just fell into amazing situations, and made the most of every opportunity. There are accounts of the author interacting with very famous people, and becoming involved in some earth changing projects, while changing history in Alabama. Although always claiming to be keeping a low profile on the horizon, French violated this claim over and over again. From building the first tourist welcome center in Alabama to changing the political landscape of the state forever, French tried to never take credit for the accomplishments he instigated. He always admitted failures and didn't make excuses for failure. He did not try to take credit for any of his successes. For example, he defended the famous "School Prayer Case," while allowing another lawyer to take it up on appeal for political benefit. Now the life of this amazing man is out in the open. Enjoy the adventure.
The very thought of writing the story of my life had a certain self-aggrandizement in it. The egotism of working on my life's story hounded me throughout the process. Yet, this is the way my life was lived from my point of view, and I'm not about to sugar coat it. Looking back, the circumstances of my existence walking upright on the blue planet earth, have been different – pathetic at times – but usually happy and humorous I have always recognized that I am one of the most fortunate men alive. Somehow, someway, no matter what the circumstances, I have always managed to be in the right place, at the right time, doing the right things. No matter how dismal the situation, nor how joyous, I always tried to make the best of it. Some would call it luck, but I have always believed that the Lord loves me in particular, because few human beings have been blessed as I have. One man just can't be that lucky. Through sheer determination, I managed to escape abject poverty and rise to the top of whatever I was doing. In our darkest hours, my darling mother would always say, "We may be down and out right now, but remember, we are educated people, and we will survive." I worked constantly throughout my life to gain an education. It was most difficult, but hard work paid off – it always did. I would never have experienced the things I'll tell you about without the hard work and dedication to become educated. Having been an insatiable reader all my life, the printed page broadened my horizon and gave me goals to achieve. Early on I decided that I would not be bothered with what others thought of me. As long as I was satisfied with me, that was enough. There were times that I was disappointed with me, and that forced me to try harder. The cornerstone of my existence has been my abiding faith in the Lord. Having a strong prayer life, I always looked for miracles, and usually I found them. I will not preach to you nor lecture you about my beliefs. However, as you read my book, you will wonder, "How did he do that? How did he survive that? And, how can one man be that lucky?" I'm a trial lawyer. That means I can tell a story that will keep your attention. To keep your interest, I must sometimes color my yarn with description, exaggeration, remorse, regret and sometimes outright lies. The lies aren't intentional. They come about by the way I remember the events and incorporated them into the story. Hopefully, there aren't many, but, at my age, I am sure there are some.
About the author
In 1942 Bob French's father was severely injured. The French family descended into abject poverty. having little else, Bob seized every opportunity available. A veteran, salesman, manager, and lawyer, French distinguished himself in everything he attempted. As a husband for more than 46 years, he fathered three children. From one of four Outstanding Young Men of Alabama, he became an Outstanding Young Man of America. In 1970, earning a primary for the Republican Party, he changed the face of Alabama politics. In 1990, he was designated as an Outstanding Champion of Liberty, i.e., the Outstanding Criminal Defense Lawyer in America. Representing many famous and infamous people, French also flew the Concorde, and had breakfast in the Oval Office with the President. A trial lawyer, author, watercolor artist, pilot, and persuasive public speaker, a poor boy from North Alabama got his opportunities and took advantage of every one.
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