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Book details
  • SubGenre:Angels & Spirit Guides
  • Language:English
  • Series title:An Angel with Muddy Feet
  • Series Number:2
  • Pages:292
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098330774

Bridges Of Time

by Shirley J Smith

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This book is about Shirley J. Smith adventures of learning how to love herself. We are in a time people are awakening to their own spiritual abilities. They are choosing to learn by themselves through books, movies, multimedia, and lectures rather than structured-like religion. They are seeking self-independence, how to develop their own psychic abilities and are thirsty for their own spiritual knowledge. Bridges Of Time will attract those spiritual thirsty people. It's a book about a psychic's true to life story raised in a small Midwestern town who took her spiritual messages worldwide and taught people self-awareness and Universal Love.
Have you ever wondered what life is all about or the secret mysteries our ancients left behind? Bridges Of Time has exciting adventurous answering those types of questions. Bridges Of Time is a book written by Shirley J. Smith who at a young age discovers she is psychic but doesn't know what to do until she meets Maggy Conn, her mentor. Shirley soon emerges from her cocoon learning about her psychic gifts and moves on from a naïve farmer's wife to working in law enforcement. With Maggy's help guiding her passion to achieve, Shirley soon rose to positions of authority in law enforcement, local, state and national politics. Maggy passes away, Shirley takes serious Maggy's tutoring art of self-awareness and Universal love, moves to Dallas and starts teaching the masses. Her seminar travels take her to the Hopi Indian reservation, a Mayan village in Mexico and to the Australian Outback. The Indians taught her their secrets which was the next step of better understanding Universal Love. Then it starts, a flashing lighten bolt in the night followed by a big thunder that cracked like fireworks on the fourth of July. A startled Shirley bolts upright to see a Mayan Priest, spiritual guide, at the foot of her bed. He tells her get pen in hand, it's time to write. The automatic writing started like white heat. It felt as though someone actually took her hand and started drawing a map. The writings were precise in detail showing where Maya artifacts were hidden long ago off a reef in the Mexico Yucatan sea. He wrote it is time for the Mayan crystal and its bowl to come out of the sea. Their energy would help balance earth's negative vibrations. Then the writing said it would be during her lecture in Aspen, Colorado she would meet the right couple to complete this mission. Sailing out of Cozumel harbor everyone's faith was strong. The Mayan Priest maps holds the answers for the success of helping Mother Earth. After recovering the artifacts, the writings said to immediately leave but the captain refused. His mind was still on the sunken ship ad its treasurers he saw while diving. They were at sea in a 144-foot schooner when Hurricane Gilbert hit. The Priest's writings were right. Three days they fought for survival, lost at sea for additional eight days. No one expected them to live, they finally sailed their crippled ship into Veracruz Harbor. This story was published in U.S. newspapers. Bridges Of Time title serves its purpose by telling how Shirley constantly had to bring her own bridge of time to get herself out of the mess she got into. It was easy to follow the automatic writing messages but Shirley had to learn earth has repercussions. For every action there is a re-action since everything has its own energy.
About the author
With extraordinary psychic abilities, Shirley J. Smith, author of An Angel with Muddy Feet, is known in exclusive circles worldwide as an International Spiritual Counselor. After going through a near death experience during childbirth Shirley became aware of an ability to foresee future events, energies, and the gift of communicating with those on what Shirley calls, "the other side" of life. Using her abilities, she rose from the humble beginnings of a farmer's wife and mother of two children, to occupy key positions in law enforcement, as well as authoritative roles in local, state, and national politics. These attributes combined with her law enforcement degree led to her achieving awards and recognition from governors and presidents of the United States of America. The media was filled with Shirley's exciting life solving crimes and exposing corruption, but it did not fulfill her heart's desires. Shirley's true calling was to help people learn about their own abilities, how to love themselves, and counter act their weakness, but first, Shirley had to explore her own world. She traveled the world finding one adventure after the other in order to combine her own esoteric knowledge with the wisdom of the mysterious cultures of the Earth. Living with and learning the teachings of the Hopi, Mayan and Aboriginal cultures provided new insight for Shirley to share with those who seek to know themselves and the world they help create. For the past 30 years Shirley has guided high-powered executives of major corporations to create and develop the advanced technology we use today and will in the future. She has also helped song writers, chief TV producers, movie writers and fashion designers with their unique creations. Through her books, website www.ShirleyJSmith.com , private session, seminars, lectures, and corporate consulting, Shirley continues to help the family next door and the CEO in the top floor office to make the world a better place. A movie script for her first book An Angel With Muddy Feet is in the works.