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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Action & Adventure
  • Language:English
  • Pages:459
  • eBook ISBN:9780979545245


by Eve Gowdey

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A novel of gifted girl and a resolute man meeting out of loneliness and mistrust. They meet because he was called in to remodel her home. She bought her house out of a decision to be independent of men. Neither of them realize how powerfully they are attractive to each other because they have been so damaged by their very separate and different but abusive pasts. The resist falling in love but they fit together like pieces of an intricate puzzle even though they have such opposite temperaments. The hero is a is an building innovator, brilliant but not well educated. The young woman is well educated and is a successful artist. They cannot imagine a successful alliance between them. But they work together perfectly. Gradually in their work together they begin to gain confidence in each other thus in themselves. He is bold and decisive and she is essentially timid. Both need to overcome destructive family violence and in his case the trauma of fighting though all the five great battles of the second World War defeating the Nazis. The young woman has escaped from a horrifying sadistic psychologist. She doesn’t know what to do but the hero does. He is instrumental in hanging her damning pictures of the wicked psychologist in the atrium of one of his new buildings. Her pictures show the whole world to see the criminal behavior of the psychologist. The psychologist. holds a gun to his head and shoots himself. At first the young woman is overwhelmed with guilt but the hero convinces her that she did not kill the revolting psychologist. Seeing his horrible actions within the eyes of other people caused him to commit suicide. The hero and the young girl realize that they were meant for each other. Their union causes them to to lay aside the hurts of their totally destructive pasts because they have deep confidence in each other and consequently in themselves to go forward to a glorious future together.
The essence of this three part story, Jeannie’s Story, Tom’s story, the Victors can be read in any order. The horrendous details of their past is so crushing the reader might like a quick look into their wonderful future together. How is it possible that two people coming from such diverse and destructive families can become whole and happy? Achieving freedom from the past requires inner growth. Meeting exactly the right person at the right time and falling in love can accomplish this almost magically. However, they had the ability to love and they had good luck. Jeannie is attempting to get away from the horrifying almost incestuous violence of her father and her mother’s countenance of family violence. The young girl takes refuge with her admired professor of biology, Charlie Woods. Charlie is the victim of his past. He hates his father and the cult he is immersed in, Brothers in Christian Correction. Charlie hates his father so much that when he became adult he had a vasectomy to make sure that his father would never have grandchildren. His father attributed the lack of children to his mother year after year. He loved and despised his mother because she was too feeble to combat the open sneers of the Communality about her habit of reading books. When he finds Jeannie sleeping in his office on at Saturday he is deeply upset. When he questions her he doesn’t believe her answer. He takes her to his home because he doesn’t want to be found questioning her. He is resentful of her young and beauty but at the same time lusts after her and actually rapes her. They live together and he forbids her to give money to her mother or to see her parents. He grooms her socially, artistically and financially. However she is too much like his mother shy and gentle consequently they part. She lives alone in the YWCA. She is very successful illustrator of children’s stories. Her work attracts a psychiatrist who keeps his sadomasochist lusts unconscious. He seeks an introduction to her though a high society patron of the arts. He slowly wiggles himself into her work promising to make her more creative. When he wants to use her to enslave her girlfriend she suddenly realizes how horrifying he is. Jeannie castigates him as wicked and says she will bring a case against him. He laughs at that and says that she was never his patient. So she can’t touch him. Jeannie runs away and doesn’t rest until she buys a house of her own now that she is free. For Jeannie the action of buying her own house is an act of defiance because she accomplished by herself and for herself without any man directing her. The hero, Tom is also a victim of his past. He grows up under the scorn of his mother. His mother is a stunning beauty and dominates any man in her life except her second husband. Tom wants to be as good a man as his stepfather and tries to model himself after him. Tom gets away from her when he joins the U. S. Army goes over to fight the Nazis. He goes through all of the five great battles of the second World War. When he is about discharged he discovered that all the men in his Division had to see a psychiatrist before they can be discharged. A hundred and fifty-five days on the line without rest never should have happened to you or any of the other men in your Division! Alter the war Tom becomes a successful builder. He goes back to work as skilled employee of a remodeling company. Jeannie employs the remodeling company and they send Tom oversee the work. Both Jeannie and Tom are reluctant to acknowledge their interest in each other. Jeannie, the artist and the builder work together even though at first they cannot believe that they were meant for each other. They suddenly realize the dimensions of their love for each other. At first neither can believe the power of their love for each. However they now realize that it is real and dependable. They have grown beyond their destructive pasts.
About the author
Breaking Free I attended Queens College of the University of New York majoring in chemistry. After 6 years of research inorganic chemistry my interest changed to human psychology. I worked for 25 years doing analysis of Sentence Completion. I coauthored a book with R. L. Jenkins, M.D. PREDICTION OF VIOLENCE. After resigning from analysis I became a writer Gowdey, Eve Fighting Forgetfulness: Cultivating the Entity Within 2011, ISBN 9780979545221 You and the Universe: Finding your place un the Cosmos 2010, ISBN 9780979545214 Sex in the Eighties: For people who contemplate a radiant approach to their aging and death 2007 ISBN 9780979545207 THE Human Thread: A novel 2004, ISBN 0805994521