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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Thrillers / Suspense
  • Language:English
  • Series title:A BlackStar Ops Group Mission
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:250
  • eBook ISBN:9781626750982

BlackJack Bomber

A BlackStar Ops Group Mission

by T.C. Miller

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Five gambling buddies, who call themselves the "Thursday Night Mafia" attempt to scam Lake Tahoe casinos at the blackjack table. Caught by the real mob, and facing certain death if they don't come up with $300.000, they use their inside knowledge of Mather Air Force Base operations to invade the Alert Pad and take a B-52 Bomber with nuclear weapons on-board hostage. They collect a 700 million dollar ransom and disappear right out from under the noses of Air Force security police, with the ransom, the nukes, and the ultra-secret "BlackStar System", which is actually a highly-classified National Security Agency weapons system. Two NSA agents and three Air Force security agents are tasked with tracking them down ASAP, because they discover that part of the criminals escape plan involves detonating one of the nukes, and turning the Lake Tahoe area into a glassy crater. The BlackStar Ops Group must recover the nukes and the BlackStar System before they can be auctioned-off to international terrorists.
Five average, middle-aged suburban guys call themselves the Thursday Night Mafia, and their weekly blackjack game appears to be an innocent pastime. But looks can be deceiving, as casual talk over cards leads to an ill-fated plot to scam Lake Tahoe casinos. Their lives are thrown into a downward spiral faster than you can shuffle the cards. Caught red-handed by mob goons, and facing certain death if they don’t repay a fortune they don’t have, they turn to Rick. He devises a plan to use their inside knowledge of Air Force operations to commandeer a plane with nuclear weapons on board and hold it for ransom. But the BlackJack Bomber holds Cold War secrets bigger than Rick’s, and the BlackStar Ops Group races against the clock to hunt down Rick. His vengeful plan includes the destruction of Lake Tahoe, and the death of thousands of people, and that’s just for starters. Ultimately, he hopes to auction off nuclear weapons, including the ultra-secret BlackStar system, to the international terrorist community.
About the author
T.C. Miller lives in the foothills of the Ozarks, east of Oklahoma City. His 24 years of military service, and thirty years of experience as a student and instructor of Hakkoryu Jujitsu give him a unique perspective. This is the debut novel featuring the BlackStar Ops Group. The sequel, BlackStar Bay, will be available in the summer of 2013.