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  • Genre:HISTORY
  • SubGenre:United States / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:64
  • eBook ISBN:9781626755192

Black Gangs in America

by Cornelius Carroll

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This textbook serves as a valuable tool to help identify and understand modern-day violent gangs. It is clear, concise, and in plain English. This book takes you through the basics of understanding the makeup of a gang and the history that is untold. Past Presidents, Civil Rights Leaders, Religious Black Leaders, Black Panthers, and more are all in this book and how they played a part in the history of Black Gangs in America.
With over half of every urban-city public school student affiliates with or affected by gangs, this book needs to be in every teacher's, principal's, and youth worker's hands in order to learn about black gangs. You will learn the origin and history of balck gangs, and then you will learn how to identify and work with them. This is a very serious issue- with bullying, violence, dropouts, and suspensions looming, not to mention the teachers and school staff safety is at stake as well. This guide contains over fifty years of combined experience and research in one book. Black gangs are nothing new; they have been around for over sixty years and are growing daily. Just look at the newspaper or look in your schools if you don't believe that there is a gang problem. We believe in educating youth, teachers, and pastors on how to reach this population. We are personally tired of the over representation of violence, death, juvenile delinquency, and state's custody among our black youth. we have a track record of prevention and intervention in producing a prison-to-college pipeline with the youth we engage
About the author
A former gang leader, gang expert, and youth counselor with over 35 years of experience in working with youth and gangs. He did not wait until he served 17 1/2 years to start working with youth. While in prison at Parchman, Mississippi, he walked way with an open letter from the leader of his organization ans was the first inmate to ever travel and speak to youth. he spoke to every one of the eighty two counties in Mississippi, from kindergarten to college, displaying his life and educating youth and adults about gangs. After serving this sentence,he continued his work with the First Lady Margaret Bush in her gang initiative and working across the nation with youth. Currently, Cornelius consults several agencies in gang counseling and prevention as he has worked with Rev. James Turner II for the past seven years to propel as many youth as possible toward success and not death or jail.