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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:726
  • eBook ISBN:9781667860305
  • Paperback ISBN:9781667860299

Battle Creek

The 500 Song Rock and Roll Daydream

by August Wanderlust

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Battle Creek is the story of a garage band trying to make it big while dealing with the normal struggles of trying to get along, and the not-so-normal struggles of handling the strange phenomena surrounding their new guitarist.
For years, Hal has been working to achieve his dream of forming a rock and roll band, but every time he gets a new member, they seem to acquire a new genre. With punk drummer Ryan, and metal-head Uli, (who ironically plays classical instruments), they only need one more man – a guitarist. After an unsuccessful day of searching at a music festival, a lone country guitarist catches Hal's eye as they eat dinner at a tavern. Country? Why not. That'll make a complete set. But, once guitarist Ricky joins them, they start getting hints that something is not quite right about him. He attracts animals like a magnet, frequently disappears at night, and doesn't seem to understand common aspects of modern daily life. As time passes and they start to find success in the music industry, the ability to keep brushing off Ricky's quirks becomes more difficult as evidence starts to mount. Finally, after a new 'talent' of Ricky's shows itself on the night of a big show, they can no longer make excuses. They need to find out what's going on. But, will forcing Ricky's secrets into the spotlight cause him to disappear into the night permanently, leaving the band in ruin without his incredible guitar playing skills? As leader, Hal has to try and reconcile fear and mistrust between his bandmates, and keep Ricky with them while also finding answers that could cause just as many problems as not knowing.
About the author
August Wanderlust was born a few generations too late in 1988 to slightly older parents. Raised on ZZ Top and the Beach Boys, she was appalled by her generations' musical preferences, and took solace in oldies music and classic rock throughout high school and young adulthood. A technologically impaired millennial, she enjoyed working for many years as a DJ at a funky old roller rink, until it closed in 2015. She also likes cruising in her 1968 Mustang, hanging out at classic car shows, and engaging in paranormal research, especially regarding ghosts and hauntings. A goth girl at heart, August Wanderlust will forever love anything spooky. Afflicted for roughly 15 years with a mysterious and painful digestive tract disorder that ultimately rendered her at 78 lbs when she was 24 years old, the illness was finally diagnosed as 35 food allergies. Now on an extremely restricted diet, the pain is gone, and she is ready to begin the next chapter in her life as an author.