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Book details
  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Thrillers / Espionage
  • Language:English
  • Pages:200
  • eBook ISBN:9781623091279

Back in the Game Again

by James K. Wilson

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After a life of clandestine activities for the US Government, Nathan Green reluctantly is coaxed out of retirement by former colleagues to join their new company, formed to provide outsourced intelligence services. He is soon caught up in a spiraling storm of activity when the operations manager of a French utilities company is kidnapped and held hostage by terrorists in exchange for spent nuclear fuel with which to make a dirty bomb. While in the process of finding and freeing the family, Nathan and his team uncover a far broader plot to terrorize major European cities. In a race against time, Nathan’s team must thread together the seemingly contradictory pieces of a complex puzzle to prevent a catastrophic series of events throughout the Continent.
Nathan Greene is retired from a life of special operations and clandestine activities in the service of his country. He is reluctantly coaxed out of his comfortable existence by close friends and former colleagues and recruited into a newly-formed company whose objective it is to provide intelligence and operational services on an outsourced basis. The founders assume the company’s clients will be US government agencies who will engage them because they cannot, either due to legal restrictions or for public relations’ purposes, perform those activities themselves. Barely on-board with the nascent firm, Nathan is unexpectedly caught up in a spiraling storm of activity when a French multinational utility company experiences a crisis that they cannot defuse themselves. The company is targeted by young Arab terrorists who intend to steal spent nuclear fuel with which they plan to make and detonate a dirty bomb. The terrorists have kidnapped the wife and daughter of a manager of an electric generation site and are holding them in exchange for a quantity of spent uranium. Under great pressure and through solid intelligence and investigative work, Nathan and his team locates and frees the hostages, but not before the manager, who has purposely been kept ignorant of the team’s activities for security purposes, releases ten kilograms of the spent, yet deadly material to the terrorists in a frantic attempt to free his wife and daughter. In the course of their furious and multi-pronged search for the hostages and the terrorists, Nathan’s team unearths evidence of a much broader and horrific plot to terrorize all of Europe by detonating dirty bombs in key cities. The fast-paced action takes them from Paris to Lyon, to St. Malo in Brittany, to St. Helier on the Channel Island of Jersey, to London and eventually to other capitals that have been targeted by the terrorists. In a race against time, they must thread together the seemingly contradictory pieces of a complex puzzle and act decisively to prevent widespread panic and carnage throughout the Continent.
About the author
James K. Wilson is a management consultant who works for a U.S. based global management consulting company. Most of his work is outside of the US; engagements have taken him to clients throughout the Americas, Europe, Africa and Asia. He works comfortably in English, French and Spanish. He has been with his current employer for 15 years; previously, he served in a number of positions in Washington, DC, in Houston and overseas. His father was a US Foreign Service Officer, as a result of which he spent his early life in Europe and Africa. He and his sister attended local schools. With an American father and a French mother, their household was bilingual. He is married, has two almost-grown daughters and lives on the west coast of Florida with his family. They enjoy boating, fishing, swimming and snorkeling as well as travel. James’ wife is originally from South America, they speak Spanish and English at home. Other than his sister and her family, his blood relatives all reside in France.