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  • SubGenre:Anger
  • Language:English
  • Pages:150
  • eBook ISBN:9781098373788
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098373771

Anger Without Guilt

Anger Management Begins Within

by Gerry Dunne

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Anger Without Guilt Is a book and a series of YouTube videos by Dr. Gerry Dunne. Both help us understand our human nature--the fact that we become angry at times. We are then reminded of our choice to manage it using our right mind or mismanage it with our wrong mind. Many stories and examples of everyday anger-provoking situations all of us face and how we can think and act in helpful or hurtful ways are described. Anger Without Guilt explains how often anger causes us to feel conscious and unconscious guilt and how these feelings feed on each other causing more anger and guilt to become a vicious circle.


You will gain tools and strategies for overcoming that vicious circle through reading, journaling--writing your answers in the book to questions, doing self-assessments, and engaging in the Life Work challenges offered. Topics include: "Anger Traps," "Know Your Anger Triggers," "How Assertive Are You?" "Anger in Your Family," "Who Controls You?" "Do People Like to Communicate With You?" "Can You Handle Confrontations?" and many more. The author tells us the truth about her own struggles with anger and what she has seen and learned over the course of her life.

Here is an excerpt from Chapter One, "Cluelessness to Consciousness":

"It's easy to see what anger does to others but I didn't see it in myself until I turned a corner--one small step after another over time. It started when I found the courage to observe myself and tell myself the truth about how vulnerable I was to my own anger. Just like having a low-grade fever, I gradually realized I had a low-grade gripe with the world and a short fuse to bootl I've been working ever since to get out of that rut--to build self understanding and genuine self-love and respect as well as new assertive anger management habits. In the process I've learned some ways to help myself. Now I'm devoted to helping anyone who wants the same--a process of correction--waking up--listening to your inner teacher who puts you in touch with your right mind, 'the wizard,' instead of your wrong mind, 'the lizard.'"

About the author
Dr. Gerry Dunne, wife, mother and grandmother, began her career as an elementary classroom teacher. Later she wrote curriculum for teachers--grades kindergarten though 12--to use in their classrooms to increase children's social and emotional development. For years she traveled throughout the United States and Canada making presentations to large audiences and training teachers to use the materials she wrote. After gaining a Ph.D. in Psychology, Gerry served as a university professor and has consulted with numerous private and public organizations in the many realms of human development. Over the past 10 years Gerry taught Anger and Conflict Management at her local community college in Washington state.

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