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  • Genre:HISTORY
  • SubGenre:United States / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:128
  • eBook ISBN:9780989080927

America Come Home

A Journey Back to the Foundation of America and the God of Her Glory Days

by Dwayna Litz

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'America Come Home' is comprised of quotes from America's founding fathers and past presidents and official court rulings, along with original precepts from Harvard, Yale and Princeton to compare America's former culture to today's 21st century America. Photos of today's American culture and postmodern spirituality present the contrast to the quotes from America's foundation in this full color e-book.
Come take a journey back to the true meaning of the First Amendment. See official court rulings to show how the ACLU has taken the First Amendment out of context to mean something totally opposed to the intent of America’s Founding Fathers. Discover original Yale Laws, Precepts of Harvard, and Objectives of Princeton to show the history of America’s educational system. These quotes from America’s Founding Fathers and Presidents were formatted for school teachers to read one quote per day to their students for a month and parents to discuss with their children as an authentic facet of American history. These pages illustrate how far America has fallen from the divine guidance which inspired the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution and how America is slip-sliding farther away from Her foundation. How do we get there from here? This compelling account serves as an admonition to a nation founded under God and as a caveat that America will continue to suffer consequences, both spiritually and socio-economically, unless we return to the faith upon which we were built; for America was not built by chance, and America’s future is not left to chance. I don’t mean to infer that every historical figure quoted in this book was a Christian. These quotes honor the Judeo-Christian culture America once had, which set Her distinctly apart in character from other countries. These precepts show the integrity of a faith which shaped the greatest nation on earth and lament that the road to Her future greatness is a road less traveled today. Still, in the spiritual relativism of America’s postmodern 21st century New Age gallivanting, there is a relentless heart cry throughout the land from common, unknown citizens, “America, Come Home!” And those voices cannot be silenced, in a confluence of patriotism where history cannot be re-written and the Truth is still revered, where the timeless Spirit strong enough to move mountains, is triumphantly marching on. --Dwayna Litz, author
About the author
Dwayna Litz was chosen to represent her high school in Orlando, FL, as an intern in Washington D.C. for Congressman Jack Kemp at the age of sixteen. She is a Daughter of the American Revolution through Edward Smyth (1762-1852) who fought in the Revolutionary War in the Battle of King’s Mountain. Dwayna lives in New York City and is president and founder of Lighting The Way Worldwide, a Christian non-profit organization of evangelism based on apologetics. Lighting The Way Worldwide outreach locations include Venice Beach, CA; West Hollywood, CA; Boulder, CO; Rio Grande Valley; NYC; University of TN; Smoky Mountain National Park; Atlanta, GA (Little Five Points); GA Tech; Pakistan; England; Mexico; Israel and the Philippines. The purpose is to come face to face with people from every culture and defend the name of God in humility and love—for the sake of the Gospel and the shining promise of a City on a hill.