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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Humorous / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:272
  • eBook ISBN:9781667841717

Adventures in Boy Scouting

Tales Told by the Old Scoutmaster

by Robert Kellogg

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It's the third weekend of the month. Where did everyone go? Start reading and find out. Maybe we're kayaking of Point Lobos, or we could be scuba diving off Big Sur, camping on Case Mountain is a possibility, or maybe we are at Kirks Creek searching for our inner self in the seven pools of enlightenment. You know wherever it is Troop 323 is, another adventure is sure to follow. What is so glorious about sleeping on the ground in a sleeping bag during a thunderstorm or a blizzard? You got to be there to know, or read this book. And bring the adventure to life.
Have you ever sat around a campfire late at night with the stars shining high above and listened to young men, aged ten to eighteen, tell you about their hopes and dreams? It would amaze you. For twelve years I was privileged to have that 0pportunity. As a Scoutmaster, I had the best of both worlds, that of a leader and at the same time, a kid again. The stories told in this collection are all based on real events. It is possible there might be some slight embellishment to these tales, because more than a few years have passed since they took place. In retelling these stories, my goal is to rekindle the memories for the scouts who were there, memories of lessons learned and of the fun we had. It was the fun that provided the best learning opportunities. The scouts who played the parts in these stories will recognize themselves; I have, of course, changed all the names. And for those of you who have never been in Troop 323, here is the opportunity to imagine you were. I'm sure these stories will rekindle your own memories that mirror our adventures, although some of ours truly were outrageous. As to the leaders, Buck LaFoote is a compilation of many assistants, fathers, and committee members that worked tirelessly to help the troop succeed. Buck LaFoote, as Assistant Scoutmaster, represents the qualities that give the troop its spark, motivation, and sometimes comic relief. Troop 323 was fortunate to have several Buck LaFootes. The third weekend of the month was our weekend to go camping. I usually dreaded this time as it approached because it meant I had to put away any thoughts of work and get ready to spend a weekend away from the comforts and conveniences of home. It was a time BC—before cellphones. So once we got out into the woods or wherever we were going, we really were cut off from civilization. But on returning home, I couldn't wait until next month to get back out to our next adventure. So put down your cell phone or TV remote and join Troop 323, and let's go camping.
About the author
The old scoutmaster and his wife, of over fifty years, still live in their Three Rivers home where they successfully raised three sons who went on to attain the rank of Eagle Scout, and a daughter who kept her brothers in line. The hot tub is now only a memory, and the dogs have changed. But the view of the Sierra Nevada remains, along with great memories of their adventures in boy scouting.