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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Personal Growth / Success
  • Language:English
  • Pages:34
  • eBook ISBN:9781483514826

Accelerate Your Abundance Beyond "Think and Grow Rich"

Become a Money Magnet

by Babatunde Soluade

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The eBook is an encapsulation of the salient techniques to navigate a life-style towards wealth and health creation in quick time. It highlights the genesis of how less than 5% of the society possesses 95% of the wealth of every nation. The ebook serves as a catalyst on how to apply a few dynamic recipes that generate curiosity and excitement to want to know more of what the main book has to offer. The same principle also leads to prospects of natural cures to achieve wellness and health at little and affordable costs. The combination of these summaries raise so many unanswered questions of what it takes to accelerate access to success , leaving the reader with no choice than to seek more information from the main book The concept of follow-up training and coaching materials have been designed into a consultancy programme in the main book.
The main book commences from first principles that form the basis of a new life-style and companionship, capable of transforming anyone, willing and obedient to grow rich,  from zero to hero in quick time. It is a wealth and health education,  presented in such a peculiar simple style that is easy to follow,  without resort to rigid and complicated training programs commonly practiced. Beyond the fundamental principles are a variety of recipes of choice to suit your peculiar personality,  and then using Autosuggestion to load your subconscious mind with only positive thoughts to become untouchable. When you make the book your daily companion by correct practice of the doctrines of your chosen recipes ,  situations and circumstances in no time, begin to shift towards the financial equivalent of your desire.  You quickly become a Millionaire in training (MIT) in the process,  thus moving towards a Massive Bank Account (MBA),  if you are diligent and consistent. In the area of health, the same principle applies. There are virtually natural alternatives to all manner of diseases that could provide lasting health as well as exponential wealth-creating possibilities. The book gives hint of a few of such possibilities, but is willing to provide solutions to so many other diseases,  by way of Consultancy Services, when readers make enquiries by visiting the website www.moneymagnetbook.com. The unprecedented mix of wealth and health education provided in this book is distinguished by a life-changing paradigm shift that is  smooth and seamless, beyond any alternative postulation. Just make it your Companion because it is a mind-mentoring flow of a swift  journey to the ElDorado of your dream ,  to make you the Master of the Market place!
About the author
Colonel Babatunde Soluade was born Jos, Plateau State Nigeria where he grew up. He enlisted in the Nigerian Army as a cadet and had many training experiences internationally as an officer. During his career, he also studied Telecommunications Engineering at Obafemi Awolowo University and post graduate course at Military College of Telecommunications Engineering MHOW India, amongst many other courses before his retirement from the Army. After disengagement from the Nigerian Army, he set up Soltan Security Ltd, a security company in Nigeria which specialized in engineering based interactive applications, as well as other technology-driven security solutions. His company thrived and became one of the pioneering leaders of modern technology in Nigeria for several years. Because his family relocated to Canada, he decided to do the same in 2011 and has decided to make Canada his permanent home. He has since then, successfully set up series of flourishing businesses as Author, Security Consultant, Philanthropy, and CEO Glitter Security Equipment Corp. He is also involved in real estate investments among others. His Passion for knowledge and creativity has never dwindled with time to explore new territories and concepts for Human Development. That has played out to discover innovative ways of advancing and impacting people’s lives positively with the culture of HOPE (Have Only Positive Expectations), which has become the pre-cursor to this book. Become A Money-Magnet is a follow-up to his first book “Truth And Consequences” concerning his life experiences before relocating to Canada where he now resides with his family.