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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Thrillers / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:290
  • eBook ISBN:9781620956472

Above Reproach

by J.D. Kinman

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"Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety," Benjamin Franklin An exiled Iranian operating out of Damascus is taking aim at the one thing the United States holds most precious—her freedom. Launching a blitzkrieg of mass shootings in cities across the country, Muhannad Qasim knows the urban dwellers and the media will blame the Second Amendment for the carnage and then relentlessly pressure lawmakers to stifle Americans’ right to arm and defend themselves. The master terrorist understands that a citizenry unarmed is at the complete mercy of its government—and he has spent years carefully seeding the U.S. Media and government with influential officials sympathetic to his views. Qasim’s plan is working beautifully until one of his cells runs headlong into the wrong man. Dillon Cole is a combat veteran and former U.S. Marshal who became a legend in the law enforcement community. After marrying, he hung up his guns and began a new career as a business executive, never looking back. But when he finds himself suddenly caught in the middle of a shooting inside a college student union in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Dillon fights back, killing three of the terrorists and saving untold lives. His heroics ignite a nationwide firestorm of resistance to the ongoing attacks as well as the attacks on the Constitution. But as Americans begin to fight back, Dillon now finds himself in a fight for his own life as the terrorists will stop at nothing to kill him, including going after his wife and newly adopted daughter. No longer constrained by the rules of his former profession, Dillon Cole takes the fight to the attackers, turning the hunters into the hunted.
An exiled Iranian master terrorist is unlike anything the U.S. or any other nation has ever encountered. He doesn't use bombs or biological agents or the tools of chemical warfare. Instead, Muhannad Adham Qasim uses terror itself. As one of the original young masterminds of the Shah's overthrow in 1979, Qasim led the raid on the U.S. embassy in Tehran that subsequently resulted in over fifty Americans being held hostage for almost a year and a half. During that time, Qasim watched an inept American president and dovish administration change policy after policy in a vain effort to appease the new Iranian regime. Now thirty years later, Qasim sees another inept American president and seizes upon the opportunity to destroy the American fiber once and for all. To do it, he must make the Great Satan rot from the inside first in order to begin injecting his version of Sharia law into the American system. A carefully planned series of mass shootings throughout large American cities dredge up fearful memories of the DC sniper killings less than a decade earlier. Predictably, with each shooting the media and liberal side of the American political spectrum clamor louder and more forcefully for a stranglehold on the Second Amendment. Qasim knows that the United States Constitution will not--and cannot--continue to be the law of the land without the Second Amendment. Thus, he targets it first and uses fear as his catalyst. Everything is going beautifully until one of Qasim's sleeper cells is awoken and in the midst of a shooting on a sleepy college campus in Tulsa, Oklahoma. It is here that they encounter the very vision the Founding Fathers had when penning the right to keep and bear arms: an armed citizen. Dillon Cole engages the terrorists and kills three of them before being seriously wounded himself. A second armed citizen dispatches the fourth terrorist. Media reports of the incident, surprisingly, serve to ignite widespread resistance to changes in the Constitution and more and more Americans begin legally arming themselves. As the terrorist cells continue their attacks, they are met with increasing resistance--so much to the point that virtually no loss of innocent lives are taking place. Qasim is infuriated and orders the death of Dillon Cole, the man he sees as responsible for the resistance. In ordering Cole's death, Qasim sets the stage for an ultimate showdown between a master terrorist and the greatest defender of America's freedom, the armed citizen. It is a showdown that can only have one outcome if the American constitution is to remain as the law of the land.
About the author
J.D. Kinman is an international award-winning advertising copywriter who has also been published in columns, newspapers and periodicals throughout the U.S. In addition, He served in the United States Air Force as well as in federal law enforcement earlier in his life. He now resides in the Dallas/Fort Worth area with his wife of over twenty-years. Kinman is a private pilot who is also an avid shooter, reloader and who enjoys casting his own bullets and is a longtime member and supporter of the National Rifle Association and other pro-Second Amendment associations, foundations and causes.