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Book details
  • SubGenre:Adventure & Adventurers
  • Age Range (years):8 - 12
  • Language:English
  • Pages:52
  • eBook ISBN:9798350959253
  • Paperback ISBN:9798350959246

Abe, Should We Be Afraid of Bears?

by Chris Petersen

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Ever have a close encounter with a bear? Chris Peterson was nicknamed "Abe" by kids at the summer camps he oversaw because of his likeness to the president, and most of his writing follows the fun, adventurous, and humorous interactions between himself, children, and bears in Alaska. Most books about bears tend to deal with bear attacks or fairy tales, and most people seem naturally afraid of bears. This book presents eight true stories that show another side of bears. The purpose of this book is to give young people and adults some exciting stories that will help them face their fears and enjoy the wonderful outdoors.
Kids love candy, and so do bears. When you have kids in the woods with lots of candy sometimes fireworks are the explosive solution. They also love wedding cake, and when a bear arrives uninvited to a wedding the bear becomes the life of the party. Another thing that bears love is trash, but mama bears tend to get upset when you hit a bunch of cubs on the head with a trash bag. When people discuss forests, mountains, and wild places, the topic often turns to bears. Most people are afraid of bears yet have never seen one in the wild. If they have, they are most likely to have only caught a glimpse of one for a moment and not have face-to-face encounters with them. In this book, the author draws upon a lifetime of interactions with bears and presents eight short stories of true experiences that show not all interactions with bears are hostile. These interactions with bears also involve children, which add complexity and danger but make the stories exciting and often humorous. The main character of the book is Abe, a man with a large nose, beard, and lanky six foot-four frame. Each chapter in the book is an interaction between grizzly bears, black bears, young people, and Abe at a summer camp in Alaska. The author has spent his life telling adventure stories around the campfire and these stories are a gripping good read for both children and adults who love the outdoors. The author hopes that challenging interactions with bears can be a growth experience as folks venture into the out-of-doors.
About the author
Chris Petersen has been an avid outdoorsman all his life; camping, backpacking, hunting, and fishing. He has had numerous encounters with both black and grizzly bears in Alaska that were up close and very personal. He received a bachelor's degree in Natural Resources Management and worked outdoors as Boy Scout District Executive and summer camp director for 33 years. He is currently working as a back country Property Ranger with a private company patrolling mountains of north Idaho. Chris is married and has one daughter and two sons. He loves to read and tell stories to young people, and one of his favorite authors is Abraham Lincoln.