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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Visionary & Metaphysical
  • Language:English
  • Pages:187
  • eBook ISBN:9781623091132

A World Without Lucifer

by Justi Woro

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A World Without Lucifer is a fictional story of Lucifer, reacting to calls by humans for his banishment from the Earth, withdrew his kingdom. The calls followed the disappearance of a popular UN Secretary General during a flight over the Bermuda Triangle after he successfully implemented a total ban on weapons of mass destruction. Three hundred years down the road the same humans embarked on agitations for Lucifer’s return. The story starts with Lucifer summoning his Lords who constituted the governing Council of his Kingdom. At the last Conclave he announced to them of the directives from the Solar Logos asking his Kingdom to relocate to another planet. The Council is briefed of the circumstances leading to the directives of the Solar Logos. Most of the story is told as part of the briefing of Council by the Curator. The story ends after three hundred years of an eventless and colorless world of no sorrow, no suffering, no hardship, no sickness, no death; but the greatest boredom humanity had ever experienced who then agitated for the return of Lucifer.
A World Without Lucifer is an excursion into the philosophical discussion on the mysteries of life. In it, issues of reincarnation, soul swapping, evolution of consciousness in man and planet; the firmament and the Arkashic Records are addressed. These ideas are woven into the story line. The Lord of the World (Logos of the Planet) summons his Lord of Harmony (Lord H) to incarnate into the world, take a body and save the world from an imminent nuclear holocaust. The Lord of Harmony recruited fifty-one of his close disciples for the assignment. The main disciple with whom he was to swap his body chose to incarnate as Dustang Destang (DD) in Belize, a small Central American Country, formerly, British Honduras. After an eventful life filled with twists and turns, DD became the UN Secretary General. With the aid of his disciples who, through their individual destinies occupied important political positions in different countries around the world, he was able to weave out agreements and treaties that effectively banned all weapons of mass destruction from the face of the earth. By a twist of fate, DD’s plane disappeared in the Bermudan Triangle (otherwise called Devil’s Triangle) without any trace, just two months to the end of his second and final term of five years. His death brought a world-wide uproar in which humanity accused Lucifer of depriving the world of its modern-day savior. Man clamored for the banishment of Lucifer from the earth. In a rare response, the superintending Logos or God of the Universe ordered the withdrawal of Lucifer from the planet. A World Without Lucifer became a mini-paradise on earth – no deaths, no ill-health, no hunger, no thirst, no misery, no crime – nothing negative on earth. Bored stiff by a colorless existence after two hundred and fifty years of ‘heavenly’ experience and by another twist, the same humans started another agitation to clamor for the return of Lucifer..
About the author
Justi Woro (real names Justus Ogheneworo Okah-Avae) is a 67-year old architect. He has been in architectural practice for over thirty-seven years. He also has a degree in psychology. Very early in life he took interest in philosophy, metaphysics, theosophy and spiritualism. He has been actively involved in the practice of these disciplines and they have contributed to his positive understanding of practical religion and service. He has written a number of books in relation to this area which he is in the process of publishing. A World Without Lucifer happens to be the first for publishing. His world view has been further enhanced by his very wide travels which have taken him to virtually all the continents.