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  • Genre:FICTION
  • SubGenre:Women
  • Language:English
  • Pages:130
  • eBook ISBN:9781620959206

A Treat Before Breakfast

"Internet Sex Is Not Sex," He Said

by Bethany Dunne

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This book is a character's personal history, a social history, an investigation into the online dating scene. It is also a guidepost for unfortunate women over 50 with lying, cheating husbands. I claim it is an historical landmark like the diaries of pioneer women crossing the continent but, hopefully, funnier.
An alternate title of this book might be: "Internet Sex Is Not Sex," He Said. It is about how an older woman changes after hearing these words from her longtime husband. The book is a morality tale about what can happen when a budding feminist goes bad and becomes dependent on marriage and a man. She has a story to tell as old as men and women and new as the online internet sites where married people betray each other so easily, even old married men and women. Make that men. The heroine is a funny, charming woman, although she is about as low and clueless as a woman can get without being battered and pennlless. Once betrayed, she feels like an animal thrown out of its home. She grows. Her growth is painfully slow and maddening to friends who can't understand her unreasonable grief, but she will make them and you understand. This book is a must read for students of psychology and people even considering divorce. It is very definitely a classic case of-- um, something. It certainly may be studied for decades to come. It is seminal. The first person style of the book is intimate, the language conversational, reflecting the excitability of the main character, as bizarre after bizarre incident happens to her. It is filled with literary and classic movie allusions and jokes. It has a lot of good lines and some fair scenes- you know, like in JULIIUS CAESAR- just not in poetry. It is lots of fun. I hope it makes a large number of readers laugh and cry as it did its author. Fiction, of course.
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