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Book details
  • Genre:DRAMA
  • SubGenre:American / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:221
  • eBook ISBN:9781483520049

A Taste of Honey

A Ravry Sloan Novel

by Ravry Sloan

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Have you ever found yourself in an unhappy relationship and looked for others outside of the relationship to fix it? Most times people are looking for validation of their point of view, to justify their behavior or for someone to simply have some sort of sympathy to their heartaches and pains. Come join power couple, Troy and Yodra Wilkins, as they seek fulfillment from the outside of their marriage to fill the voids of what’s missing within their marriage in my second novel, A Taste of Honey.
A Taste of Honey deals with commitment, infidelity, revenge, ownership of responsibility and the lack of communication between married couple, Troy and Yodra Wilkins. It exposes the after effect of making decisions based off of emotions instead of loyalty, forgiveness and unconditional love. After Yodra gives birth to their daughter, Ivory-Jade, the expectations and disappointments seem to overwhelm their lifeless marriage, along with a huge disconnect of love between them because of previous actions and choices. Honey Sinclair is a single woman whose philosophy on relationship is, when you’re married you should act married, but when you’re single you have every right to act single. It also reveals the lengths Honey will take to have the love she feels she deserves.
About the author
Atlanta’s newest self-published author, Ravry Sloan, releases her debut novel, Beyond the Blues. Being born in the cold Midwestern state of Michigan, Ravry's parents saw a thriving opportunity for success in the warm, sunny and growing south. In the summer of 1979, Ravry's parents packed up their three children and began a new journey in Atlanta, GA. Ravry is the proud mother of two beautiful children, her son Terry and her daughter Raven. They mean so much to her and they are definitely her inspiration. Ravry was educated in the Atlanta Public School System graduating from the prestigious Frederick Douglass High School in northwest Atlanta. She is currently a student at well respected Spelman College majoring in Sociology. With Atlanta being a gateway for hopes and dreams to come true, Ravry sensed that she was supposed to be a part of it, but how? Ravry was unaware of her talent to write until the age of twenty-nine, when she tapped into her faith for answers. It was during that time of Harvest that God planted the seed and Ravry realized, and accepted, that nothing satisfied her soul like writing! Just knowing that other people were enjoying her words truly inspired her to be even more passionate about writing! Ravry’s gift: to squeeze her soul through her fingertips by using words of expressions, her purpose: to use those words of expressions to enrich and entertain the soul. And so the journey begins! Ravry's mind soon began creating a vivid and colorful imagination filled with relateable characters, by thickening twisted plots and by teaching life lessons. It is a drama-packed novel filled with surprising twists and turns that will keep readers hanging on every word!