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  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:180
  • eBook ISBN:9781936667109

A Bodyguard for my Soul: The Solution

by Percy Gagnon

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Have drugs, alcohol, or other addictions become a major problem for you, for a family member, or for someone you love? You are not alone. Addiction has become a global scourge, affecting people of all social classes. It’s estimated that the abuse of alcohol leads to more than 2.5 million deaths annually, the majority being young victims. The consumption of alcohol is also considered to be the third-largest risk factor for disease in the world. It has also been found that alcohol abuse and a person’s socioeconomic standing are often very closely linked. Alcoholism, drug addiction, and gambling, are all diseases of the soul. The more we try to understand this disease, the more lost we become… This book is devoted to the prevention of addiction and dependence, particularly with alcohol and drugs. The best way to do prevention would be to talk about it and deliver the recipe to get out of it. That is what this book is all about. The goal is to educate as many people as possible and invite them to join a movement against addiction by providing information to those who need it. Alcohol, drugs, sex, obesity, gambling, shopping, etc… - For those who currently struggle with substance abuse? - For those those are unhappy with their lives because of addiction? - Wants to know why? - Someone close to you, need help? Discover the secret to happiness and the solution to help you. For thirty years, the author has excessively consumed alcohol, drugs, and pills. In 1986, he managed to get rid of addictions during a stay at the Hazelden Rehabilitation Center in Center City (MN), United States of America Today, through his new book: A Bodyboard for My Soul: The Solution, the author want to share with you the recipe that allowed him to save his life and live happily in sobriety for over twenty-five years. A simple way to rehabilitate yourself.
ALCOHOL • DRUGS • DESPAIR The key to getting out of the vicious cycle that is alcohol and drug dependence. This new book, A Bodyguard for My Soul: The Solution, has a solution within its pages that, once and for all, will help you get over alcoholism, substance abuse, and/or other forms of addiction. This solution can help you to regain sobriety and achieve a higher standard of living for the rest of your life. If alcoholism, drug abuse or other forms of addiction have become a major problem for you, for your family, or for a loved one, we suggest this new book, A Bodyguard for My Soul: The Solution In his book the author will tell you how the disease of addiction developed in tandem with his emotional system, from his tender childhood to maturity. In his case, it was first the discovery of alcohol and nicotine which led to his experimentation with cocaine and sleeping pills. All of these addictions ingrained themselves quickly and took total control of his life for more than thirty years, until finally he was able to find a way to break the chains that restrained him, regaining control of his life and achieving sobriety, which he have now happily enjoyed for more than twenty-five years. Testimonials I’ve known the author for over 35 years. His openness is impressive. He has managed to find himself again while fighting his alcohol and drug dependence. He realized he needed help to get out of the desperation of addiction, that it was not possible to do it alone. This is a message of generosity, self-awareness and principle. Dr. Claude Lauriault, BA, MD, FAAFP, FCFP We find in this book a recipe that can help those who need it to regain sobriety and live relatively happy for the rest of their lives. In his message of hope, the author states, “You no longer need to look elsewhere, since this excellent recipe is written on the pages of this very book. Upon receipt, it is as though you’ve been given the secret combination to get away. ” Take action, and Providence will do the rest! This lifestyle has changed the life of the author, all the while allowing him to live in an honest environment and in a family atmosphere. Dr. Jacques H. Roy, CD, BA, MD, LMCC In 2005, Dr. Roy was nicknamed “The Good Doctor” on the series “Men of Heart and Action” on Radio Canada. I’ve been a recovering alcoholic for twenty-six years. This book was a revelation for me, both beneficial and inspirational for the future. Thank you for helping me! André Beaudoin, President of Slush Puppie Canada I spent part of my life talking about alcoholism and trying to help alcoholics. This book is an example of tenacity and the steps we can take to cope with addiction. The important thing is to continue talking about it. Honorable Jean Lapointe, Senator The Honorable Jean Lapointe is the founder of “La Maison Jean Lapointe” in Montreal. This rehabilitation center has helped thousands of people struggling with alcoholism and drug abuse.
About the author
Percy Gagnon. Was born in Canada in the 1940's in a small logging village in Western Quebec. These were poor times. He didn't even have electrical grids in rural areas. At this time, alcohol was part of many people's lives. At the age of twenty, he was recruited as a police officer with the Surete du Quebec and was stationed in the Quebec area, about 600 miles from home. He became a secret agent. My mission was to identify the members of a band of bank robbers. Having become a criminal investigator, he worked alongside murderers and armed robbers for about fifteen years, often dealing with prostitutes as informants. Very quickly, he fell into a hellish life created by the daily consumption of alcohol, drugs, and barbiturates. In an effort to separate himself from my addictions, he quit his job, which he believed to be the cause, and instead pursued a career in real estate. As money became more accessible, his consumption of alcohol, drugs, and sleeping pills, worsened. After trying repeatedly but unsuccessfully, to rescue himself from this hellish life, he finally found the right recipe in 1982 during my twenty-eight days at Hazelden Rehabilitation Center in Center City, Minnesota, USA. Now I want to share this recipe with those who suffer from this disease, the same recipe that has allowed him to free himself from my addiction and resume the normal course of my life. In the book, A Bodyguard for My Soul: The Solution, he talk about how the disease of addiction developed in close relationship with his emotional system, from infancy to maturity. In his case, it was first the discovery of nicotine and alcohol that later led him to try cocaine and sleeping pills. All those dependencies settled very quickly and took total control of his life for over thirty years until the day he finally found a way to break the chains that prevented him from finding sobriety, regaining control of his life, and living happily and in peace for what has now been over twenty years. Addiction is now one of the greatest plagues afflicting the world. No section of society is immune. You'll find in his book, A Bodyguard for My Soul: The Solution, a formula that has proved itself, plus resources that can help breaking addiction, especially addiction to alcohol, drugs and/or pills: A BODYGUARD FOR MY SOUL: The Solution A simple way of rehabilitation.