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  • SubGenre:Exercise / General
  • Language:English
  • Pages:112
  • Paperback ISBN:9781483582467

A 52 Week Tai Chi Perennial Digest

by Keni Lee Burgess

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This book contains articles written by Yang Taijiquan certified instructor, Keni Lee Burgess presented to his students weekly over the course of a year. They function not only as notes for the topics presented in class, but more importantly, they form a series of inspirational themes for the week's home practice ahead. By methodically addressing the concepts of Tai Chi daily, over the weeks, months, and years, an advanced refined practice can result. It is said, "Tai Chi is easy to learn, but hard to fix." Too much too quick, creates a confused state of practice. Too little too late, creates a dull monotonous task. This is a Tai Chi "Energy Workbook". It is meant to aid the student in the acquisition and application of knowledge. This will lead to critical thinking for oneself. Ultimately, we teach ourselves. Study and practice should be conducted in this manner; fostering independence and not dependency on the teacher.

Like any other art or skill, Tai Chi advancement comes along slowly through a regular study and practice of a variety of topics. If a different topic is approached systematically one by one, over time their correlations become apparent. Like a gestalt, an organized whole is perceived as more than the sum of its parts. Here is a list of the topics presented in the book that can be brought into daily practice:

Exercise, Path, Study, Practice, Body, Mind, Balance, Dimensions, Stress, Tension, Yinyang, Skill, 10 Essentials, Lower Gate, Middle Gate, Upper Gate, Breathing, Post Standing, Leading, Posture, Transition, Perspective, Principle, Introduction, Class, Cultivate, Overview, Baby Steps, Knee Safety, Target, Emotions.

This book will bring in fresh ideas, preventing a monotonous boring practice and by explaining relevant topics clearly and in depth, avoid the other extreme of confusion.         


About the author
Drawing from a lifetime of martial art, therapeutic, and spiritual interest, Keni Lee Burgess culls together his knowledge to empower others to bravely stand up and defend themselves, take daily responsibility for their own health, and seek a unification with the greater world beyond the limitations of mind and body. As a follower of the Buddhist path, his vocation as a Taijiquan and Qigong instructor provides a Right Livelihood through Right Effort that benefits not only himself, but more importantly others. It is his hope, that his work will foster the power of interdependence in his student's lives. That by working together, individually we can grow and be more radiant. Realizing nature is born and dies, but life is eternal, he vows to be part of the solution that draws people together, rather than the ceaseless problems that drive brother and sister apart. "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. To this link, we must all attend. The superior chain is supple like silken thread, but strong like iron."