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Book details
  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Personal Growth / Success
  • Language:English
  • Pages:380
  • Format:Paperback
  • Paperback ISBN:9781098334468

You Were Supposed to be Great

...But this Happened

by Darren Hart

Book Image Not Available Book Image Not Available

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Every person that has ever lived has desired to enjoy a successful life. We all want the power to control our own lives and destiny. Therefore, most of us choose a path that we think will bring us the success and happiness that we hope for. Unfortunately, when we encounter the inevitable roadblocks that life sends our way, many of us begin to reduce our expectations for the things we once dreamed about. We settle for an alternative reality and we create phrases like “My Truth and My Journey” to legitimize our struggle. The Truth, however, is that God has already established a special path for you to have great success.

                The Creator of the Universe has already set you up for success. He loves you and He took the time to develop a special individualized plan for you personally. Your plan and unique assignment are very different from mine or anyone else’s. It’s only for you! Most people don’t discover their special path because they are too busy creating their own.  In addition to that, there are hidden forces at work trying to prevent you from discovering your special lane. These forces don’t want you to succeed. They want you to fail and become miserable.  Your inner-self is searching for satisfaction. “You Were Supposed to be Great” will help you find your pre-arranged exclusive path by introducing you to the hidden instructions that have already been provided for you. When you discover these universal principles and follow them consistently, you will have the opportunity for great success!    



Most of us have been doing life backward because we've been working hard and chasing success. More times than not, we desperately seek success and end up falling for deceitful schemes that fail to deliver on the things our hearts so badly desire. Little did we know that success was tailored and designed to come to us automatically.  In our haste to become successful we've sometimes fallen for gimmicks that promise success, only to find out that we've been bamboozled! Likewise, there are thousands of books written promising to give you "The 5 Easy Steps" for success, but they don't actually deliver on its promise. This book is extremely different from those because you will learn to de-code spiritual principles that God left for your benefit.

 God, who created the universe, made you priceless, precious, and valuable. He desires that you become successful. Therefore, He left us a blueprint and a road map to follow in order to achieve great success. The problem is that religion(s) have complicated the issue and cause us to misunderstand how to apply God's instructions properly. You might be shocked to hear that God really doesn't like religion, because it distorts His universal truth. In this book you will discover those universal principles to apply, that will bring success to you automatically. These spiritual principles work like keys. Therefore, certain keys open certain doors. Whereas, there are specific principles that unlock abundant finances and yet, there are different principles that attract great relationships. Ultimately, you will learn the principles for career success, self-achievement, good health and the keys for satisfying your spirit. But please take notice that the keys to abundant finances won't open the door to good relationships. That's why money can't buy you love, peace, or inner satisfaction long-term. Those things require different keys. This book is not a "5 Easy Steps to Success" read, but a guide to help lead you to becoming your best self with a great life! No gimmicks, No empty promises, No lies! If you're ready for your unique potential to manifest, then ...Let's go!!


About the author

As I've reflected on my life, I've realized that I am predisposed to helping others.  In particular, I have a passion to encourage people to grow into the best version of themselves. I feel that if I can help to empower someone else, I’d also gain a sense of inner satisfaction.  As a young man I volunteered to help at a life-skills mentoring program for "At-Risk" teenage boys. Many of those boys were being raised by single-parent mothers and a few were getting into trouble with the law. The community program was named The Afri-Male Institute and I was honored to become the Academy’s Program Director after several months of service. The highlight of my service there was seeing a young man, nick-named “Clay,” arrive to the program as a juvenile delinquent with possible gang and drug activity, only to go on to enroll into Howard University. During his time at the Afri-Male Institute, Clay was invited by State Senator Diane Allen to speak at the New Jersey State assembly. His speech convinced assembly members to restore $3 million to the Willingboro School District. Clay now has a business that advocates for people who have been victimized and he provides tools for their empowerment.

In addition to my volunteer work, my professional career path also affirmed my desire to help others. Although I graduated college with a Bachelor’s degree in business marketing, I realized after working a few years as a business manager, that my career choice was not personally satisfying. Therefore, I made a career change that led me to work as a probation officer. As a probation officer, I began to realize how many of our young men were headed down a very destructive path. They were all walking into the traps set by society. This revelation had burdened me because I could relate to their struggle. You see, I had experienced life in many of the same ways as them, but I was fortunate enough to escape the traps with minimal harm. It was my own life experience that drove me to give back to the community. I’ve always felt that “There but for the Grace of God go I." It was then that I began to realize that God had a plan for my life. God covered me the whole time that I was “entangled” in the streets. God made a way for me to go to college and that experience changed my perspective, but finding God is what changed my life the most! When I found God and not religion, I began to understand His universal truth and how to apply His spiritual principles. Since God has saved my life, I have a real passion to help to empower others. I especially like to help the folks that society has written-off, because society never expected me to become anything either! But God... He uses foolish things to confound the wise! Over the last several years of my life, I have begun to understand the spiritual principles that guarantee success in life. I believe the Creator of the Universe has shared these insights with me, so that I can share them with whosoever desires The Abundant Life experience.





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