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Book Image Not Available
Book details
  • Genre:HISTORY
  • SubGenre:United States / Civil War Period (1850-1877)
  • Language:English
  • Series title:The Cole Family
  • Series Number:1
  • Pages:280
  • Format:Paperback
  • Paperback ISBN:9781642544121

Send Packs!

by David Kutchinski

Book Image Not Available


Set in the last parts of the Civil War, the book chronicles the lives of both George Armstrong Custer and the main character David Cole (Fictional) until that fateful day in a desolate plain in June of 1876 when they both are killed in battle.

With a Spielberg opening the reader is thrust into the book and the adventure starts. With the reader knowing how it ends does not change the excitement of how the two end up at the Little Big Horn.

Using extensive research of both Custer in war and his subsequent actions in the Indian wars the reader gets to see another side of him that is never shown in movies.

The arrogant pompous fop was not who Custer was. The reader gets to meet the love of his life, "Libby" Custer known as the most beautiful woman in a town known for beautiful women.

David Cole is thrust into manhood when his father is killed in the Civil War leaving him to protect a herd of about 1,000 cattle from bandits, Indians, Mexican Army and drought.

The fictional town of the book is in West Texas, an area untouched by the Civil War but at the epicenter of covert actions of the Mexican government to subvert the United States by equipping the once non-hostile Apache with modern weapons and ammunition to go north and murder at will, without worry of interference by any army force nor a Texas Ranger Company.

On top of all these forces impacting David Cole he meets the love of his life, Darinda Hawkins. This love story is tightly woven into the life of David but adds to the final bitter-sweet drama at the battle.

This is a very spiritual story. Not in the religious sense but as far a spirit guides and parts of this world most people can't see that really exists. What we call 'paranormal' today has been happening in the world since the beginning of humanity.


 Hollywood Be Damned

This book is set just before the end of the Civil War. It chronicles the lives of both George Armstrong Custer and a main character, David Cole (Fictional), until the fateful day, in a desolate plain, in June of 1876, when they were both killed in battle.

This is not just another book about the Little Big Horn, as that topic has been argued into the dust. But a look into why history has defamed a brilliant soldier.  My father was head of the Military History Department at West Point. He instilled in all his students and family one certain truth, that the key to historical research is getting the original facts and not just a regurgitation from a professor, quoting a newspaper. After much research, one fact glaring stands out: “A brilliant combat commander doesn’t suddenly forget everything he spent a lifetime learning and doing”. I earned my Green Beret as a 1st Lieutenant Military Intelligence officer, and I have felt compelled to tell this story.

The extensive research of both Custer in civil war and his subsequent actions in the Indian wars gives the reader the chance to see another side of him that is never shown in movies. Movies that have depicted him as an arrogant, pompous fop. The reader gets to meet the love of his life, “Libby” Custer, who was known as the most beautiful woman in a town known for beautiful women.

Custer proved himself over and over as the best cavalry officer in the Civil War. An opinion shared not only by the Union but also the Confederacy!  Custer studied the history of the best cavalry units in the world, those of the Napoleonic Wars and the Kings German Cavalry. Just one example of his military strategy defining a defense when troops made the mistake in combat of  “mobbing horses” in an attack. He addressed it on several engagements. Yet, Sitting Bull did just that! Custer would have taken immediate advantage of that mistake and taken out 100’s in a single volley. Yet, instead of doing that, he stops to send “the note.” The life and death message requesting ammunition.  Why did Reno not send the ammo?

Was it a coincident that Custer had just testified in congress against President Grant’s brother?  A man who had stolen over $400,000.00 (2012 money) a year from the funds what were designated for the Indians.

This book is a walk back in time, to the civil war environment. It will reveal the dynamics of staying alive in post-Civil War West Texas. Expose the epicenter of covert actions of the Mexican government to subvert the United States by equipping the once non-hostile Apache with modern weapons and ammunition to go north and murder at will. It discloses the courageous souls and dedication of the Texas Ranger Company. It engages the many aspects of colorful characters, while weaving detailed history into the fabric of the story. A story that needs to be told.

About the author

Born into a military family we were moved a lot. West Point, NY; Tucson, AZ; Ft. Benning, GA, finally he retired to south Texas when I was 13. Raised in rural Texas on a farm with cows and horses I learned the rewards of a hard day's work. I also learned how devious cows can be as they would plan their great escape for the moment on Friday night when I was about to go on a date. I got really good at saddling a horse fast, too!

The two things that kept me sane was Diamond my German Shepherd and a quarter horse named... yep. Her name was/is Nell. My mother wrote children's books with one of them, about the three dogs at the Alamo, and is in the bookshop at the Alamo.

Attended Texas A&M earning two STEM bachelor's degrees in Psychology and GIS (Mapping). Started my 'life' as a United States Marine. Was in the last all male OCS in the US Army where being at the top of my class I was selected for Military Intelligence, specializing in remote sensors and Arial platforms.

This was my segue into the Green Berets as an officer. Next I was selected to be an FBI Agent where I received three letters of commendation personally from the Director. These two skill sets allowed me to tackle tough cases and gave me the experience with cold cases, which is what the book is about.

The Little Big Horn is my ultimate cold case. As an FBI Agent I saw how politics would affect a case. Not the facts, just the case. Next was a total change for me as I was accepted at Argonne National Laboratory as the only Bachelor's degree'ed worker in a division of PhD's. No pressure! But I did get the division's 1st patent.

Recalled to active duty after 9/11 to my Green Beret unit, the 10th Special Forces Group. For the next five years I was at my home in Colorado Springs for about two months total.

On my first tour in Iraq, after the invasion, was where the epiphany happened that made me start writing this book. After an intense 93 minute raging gun battle my counterpart at the closest US Air Base (Mosul) asked if I needed anything. I texted back "send packs" as we both were LBH battle fans. That was when the meaning struck me. I didn't need reinforcements, We were easily defeating the Muslims. I only needed more ammunition and water!

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