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Book details
  • Genre:SELF-HELP
  • SubGenre:Personal Growth / Happiness
  • Language:English
  • Pages:840
  • Format:Hardcover
  • Hardcover ISBN:9780578491448

Final Freedom

by Ross Anderson

Book Image Not Available Book Image Not Available
Each of is born into the world as an empty vessel, only beholden to our DNA. From the moment of birth we begin to acquire beliefs about ourselves, our environment, culture, religion, human interactions and all else, and, not knowing any better, we come to establish all we've been exposed to and absorbed as "core beliefs." These are impressed upon us by cultural hypnosis, by inculcation and by rote. The beliefs we have about ourselves, about others and about life permeate everything we do. We absorb, by learning, all or most of these beliefs as absolute truth and are destined to live out our lives in subservience to these beliefs, not according to the truth. A truth may be that there is a river running through town and a belief may be that you may fall-in and can't swim. This can be a lifelong belief. It is so easily cast aside by taking swimming lessons and becoming an adept swimmer, jumping in creeks and then taking the risk to jump into the river. This is the path to allaying your beliefs about your personal abilities in water and about the dangers of jumping into the river. In this case the TRUTH is the absolute opposite of your beliefs. When you surrender and give up the beliefs that you MUST have something or someone you may discover that you can have everything and everyone. This is learning to love life and people, NOT beliefs and images. This is what real living is all about and many people never allow themselves to experience it because they are so preoccupied with all of the "rainstorms" in their lives. What might happen if you give up your beliefs about exactly how conditions in your life have to be before you will LET YOURSELF EXPERIENCE HAPPINESS? It is you, yourself, who can create happiness even in the midst of conflict and despair. Sometimes the conditions WE FIND OURSELVES IN OR CREATE FOR OURSELVES seem to preclude happiness, and the immediate "evidence" may seem so real and true. Your Final Freedom allows you to surpass that.
MANY PEOPLE WANT TO HEAR THE TRUTH BUT ONLY THE TRUTH THEY WANT TO HEAR. Some of our "long-held" or "closely-held beliefs," particularly about ourselves and about what we can and can't do, can and can't think or research and can or can't change are the most debilitating to us. Many people PREFER A KNOWN EVIL TO AN UNKNOWN JOY and are fearful of any change in the status-quo. An alcoholic or abusive mate may be terrible to live with but, at least, it is a known quantity. If a person takes a risk and exits the relationship, they may then find someone who is abusive and alcoholic "who will play the game their way" and recreate another "known evil" rather than explore a true "unknown joy." Such is the debilitating adherence to "known evils" or all kinds. Many people "try" to change their lives, in any way, for a month or two, but drift back to the comfortable, debilitating, destructive job, relationship, BELIEF ABOUT THEMSELVES and all else. Many people prefer known evils to unknown joys. There is an uncomfortable truth which is that "HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE." Commiserating with others and repeating the accumulated stories about "how it wasn't your fault" and "what he did and said" et al, leave no way to exit the precise condition which poisons your life. And, HURT PEOPLE HURT PEOPLE. If you are so centered on your weakness, powerlessness and inabilities to create your own life as you want it, then this "hurt" you feel becomes your center, negating the truth that it is you yourself who must heal yourself. Otherwise your HURT will emanate from you and can only HURT others, not assist them along their path to joy and fulfillment. If you surround yourself with other "hurt" people and rehash your enhanced victim stories with each other, where is the only possible place you are "going to?" You are going to where you are coming from and will continue to live in this sea of poison. How can you possibly experience happiness and a new, fresh life, a whole new creation, if surrounded by these people? They must heal themselves. Are you going to sacrifice your life just to preserve a debilitating relationship with someone who cannot better your own human experience? This is the only life you have. It is not a dress rehearsal. There is no other time than right now to make an absolute personal commitment to leave the past behind and to CREATE A NEW REALITY FOR YOURSELF. You can create this new reality, your new life, by understanding the nature of commitments. There are no small or large commitments, there are only commitments. You either do what you say you'll do or you don't. There is nothing else. If a person says that they are going to find more rewarding work today, if that is a true personal commitment, then THAT DECISION IS ALREADY MADE AND NEED NEVER BE ADDRESSED AGAIN. It is a done deal, a fait accompli, finis and final. Anything else is not a commitment; it may be a wish or a hope but IT IS NOT A FINAL DECISION. If a person is addicted to gambling and realizes that it is consuming and destroying their life it will do them no good if they "promise themselves or others" that they won't gamble again. THE ONLY THING THAT COUNTS IS RESULTS, PERIOD. Wishes, hopes, what we worked so hard for and devoted so much time and effort to, prayed for, dreamed about and all else counts for nothing. The only thing which counts is results. So, understanding this, the real instigator of change is TO ACTUALLY MAKE A DECISION, ONE TIME, A PERSONAL COMMITMENT, FINIS, A FAIT ACCOMPLI.....A DECISION. Once a decision is made it need never be made again. If a person makes a real commitment to cease gambling, that commitment never needs to be made again. It is done and done. So, how does a personal know if they've made this real decision and commitment. They will get and stay away from gambling and people who gamble. Don't even think of it. Run away! No contact, reborn. Resurrected into a new life. This is FINAL FREEDOM.
About the author

Ross Anderson has authored ten books with topics ranging from wealth generation to life-enhancement, the subject of Final Freedom.  In over fifty years of world-wide travel Ross has gained an awareness of the varied human experience and what sequential events in each life has brought each person on earth to the place in which they find themselves now; their long-held and closely-held beliefs, their assumptions about "what constitutes life,"  their DNA requirements, their social, culture, religious and political impositions and to what extent it is possible for each person to alter and transform that seemed "reality."  Final Freedom is a distillation of processes which one can exercise to expunge debilitation or non-serving beliefs of all kinds in order to experience the simple purity of existing.  A new book, "A Symphony of Miracles" to be released in 2022, elucidates this new awareness and reality available to everyone in an appreciation of the "miracles of existence."  These miracles include a heightened understanding and awareness of our individual and collective relationship with the environment, the joy of seeing the wonders in nature in each new day, the joyful experience available in actually looking into each new face we encounter, the astonishing awareness and experiences available to us in personal encounters with all sentient beings and the very real glory of pervasive personal awareness.

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