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  • SubGenre:Marriage & Long-Term Relationships
  • Language:English
  • Pages:112
  • eBook ISBN:9781483521213

"Your Spouse Is Not Your Problem!"

Real Solutions for Real People

by Dr. Tony and Kim Moore

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Finally, an approach to marriage that is not issue based! How about a book that focuses on who each is and chooses to become in relationship to God and one another? And what if husbands and wives could see how God uses weaknesses and hurts, as well as the unfairness couples experience in marriage to their benefit? What if God intended that the things that drive husbands and wives a part were actually meant to bring them closer together? What if understanding how God works in marriage to help us become the people He intends changed the way we participated in marriage? And what if those changes meant greater personal and marital fulfillment? What would this be worth to you? This book gives couples insight that is needed to grow spiritually, become healthier emotionally and more effective relationally.
“Your Spouse Is Not Your Problem!” is truly insightful and refreshingly practical. It cuts through the clutter and gets to the heart of the matter. It’s a book on marriage that emphasizes becoming the man and woman God intends, with each spouse becoming the primary beneficiary. What makes Tony and Kim Moore’s approach unique is that they don't focus on issue-based problems. Nor do they get hung up on traditional gender roles, responsibilities, or his needs and her needs for that matter. Healthy couples can sort these things out among themselves. Instead, the Moore’s focus on who each is and chooses to become in relationship with God and how that necessarily improves the opportunities for the other to grow and change. They do this by helping couples get their eyes off of each other and onto God. The Moore’s insist that when couples understand and engage their union with Christ: including His provision for each, His method for transforming each and how God uses each to aid in the change process of the other, they will have a more rewarding experience in marriage. The book offers the following: 1. Marriage: A Paradigm Shift 2. 3 Questions That Demand An Answer 3. 4 Requirements Common to Husbands and Wives 4. Marinade: The Flavor Each Brings to the Table 5. What Really Hurts and Why 6. The Disguises Each Wears 7. Why It’s So Hard to Change 8. Same Argument Different Day 9. 5 Selfish Reasons to Forgive 10. Deciding Who You Will Be 11. Calling Fouls 12. Sex and Intimacy Were Intended to Go Together 13. Once An Adult, Twice A Child 14. Being Yourself
About the author
Authors of the wildly successful Radical Love, the 12-week marriage skills building course have shrunk its key concepts into a chapter book! Those whose schedule doesn't permit taking the 12-week small group study will find the e-book, “Your Spouse Is Not your Problem!” portable, practical and powerful! The Moore's have been counseling and coaching couples since 1996 with astonishing results including husbands and wives divorced from one another remarrying, separated couples rejoining, decreases in domestic violence and not to mention the babies born as a result! Tony and Kim were high school sweethearts and have been married since 1986. They have two daughters, Taylor and Jordan.